Foto-kunst van Andy Goldsworthy.

De Britse kunstenaar Andy Goldsworthy maakte deze en andere foto-compositie’s
voor een project van de universiteit van Glasgow.

Professor Rex Taylor, Director of the University of Glasgow’s Crichton Campus 1999-2005, and Tom Pow initially discussed the possibility of developing a collaborative project during a visit that they made to Andy Goldsworthy’s studio in Penpont, Dumfriesshire in 2001.
On that occasion, they sowed the germ of an idea: the possibility of digitising and cataloguing Goldsworthy’s Slide Cabinet Index, and of locating the resulting Digital Catalogue at the University of Glasgow’s Crichton Campus. Goldsworthy was particularly keen to support his ‘home’ campus, and it was intended that the resulting resource would be made available to international scholars and researchers through the Crichton.
Professor Taylor enlisted vital support from Barbara Kelly, Convenor of the Crichton Foundation, and from Professor Seamus Ross, Director of the University of Glasgow’s HATII (Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute), whose department has provided technical expertise and support throughout the project’s duration.

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